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Smart Metrics SmartMetrics is an Instagram account and hashtag analysis service for brands and agencies. Installation Web application. Integration Only supports Instagram. Price Free trial period days. The minimum price is per month. For this money, you can link accounts your own or competitors , get analytics on them, share reports, export data, etc. Interface The main page provides information about the accounts linke to the instrument. Here you can see the total number of followers per profile, the number of followers for and days, the total number of posts, and the number of posts publishe for and days.

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Smart Metrics provides reports on audiences, posts, stories, brand mentions, content, and posts. For example, a report on audience segments shows the total number of subscribers, how much their number increase decrease over a certain period, when Jamaica WhatsApp Number List there was a maximum audience growth, maximum account traffic, and other data. Hashtags can tracke in SmartMetrics. The system displays hashtag statistics base on the top thousand posts of the current day. In the report, you can see the total number of interactions per day in the context of the most popular posts for a given hashtag. Advantages Support the Russian language. Watch for brand mentions.

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This allows you to analyze your competitors. Flaws There is no mobile app. Publication scheuling is not available. You may not post content to multiple sites. You cannot filter by keywords. Fake Like Info Go to fakelikeinfo ru Service for checking WS Database IN bloggers for cheating Fake Like Info A good service that allows you to analyze competitors and check bloggers for cheating. The developers set a clear goal to create a working tool for authenticating profile activity, and they did it. Information about fake likes reveals I like the present and it hurts Active subscribers Real and fraudulent comments swirling followers Real Engagement Rate ER.

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