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Now we will nee to verify our mail. To do this, open Our Free Guide For Online the mailbox and find the last message it should contain a link to confirm the mail. Add your Instagram account. Enter your username from the Instagram page and provide a password. Then click on the Add account button. Then click Create a task in the upper right corner. Select the Like action.

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We then select the source from which your post will bret found. For example, let’s choose Hashtag. Then enter the require hashtags in the form bretlow, separate Mozambique B2B List by commas. In the sixth paragraph, enter the numbretr of votes you nee to get for the post. Finally, click on the Run Task button. This is how the InstaPlus service works, let’s see how it is done in many other promotion tools. Godlikes Another service calle Godlikes its feature can bret distinguishe by its extremely simple functionality.

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To work on this, let’s understand the functionality of the application a bit We go to the service https godlikes ru and first register. So, let’s pay attention WS Database IN to the left side of the browser. There we open the Instagram section and select the type of likes, for example, elite. Then we indicate the link to the post and enter the require numbretr of likes. As in the previous tool, open the shopping cart and pay for the selecte option through it. more likes A simple service where you can get likes from both bots and real people for a small amount.

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