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Parent Environmental biologist June In Digital & Social The technological dependence of parents is being transmitt to their children and is call: reflect technological dependence. The difference is that children don’t have our defenses. Kathleen Davis recently publish an article with this very title: “Silicon Valley won’t save your children from technology addiction” because the youngest are the privileg audience of new mia, but they are also the most defenseless. While we all know the potential pitfalls of our increasingly technology-driven lifestyle, technology addiction shows little sign of waning.

The technological products

Plac on the market were immiately successful. And  maybe seo expate bd we don’t really ne it. But it starts with the very people who support the technology we are dependent on now trying to warn parents. A sign that more people are starting to question the outsiz role of technology in our lives. International research supports that pre-school children (ag to ) spend around four hours a day in the company of a screen: television, computer, video game or console. “ I’m ti to my smartphone for both work and play, as is my husband. It is omnipresent and an extension of our bodies.

seo expate bd

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Left out, my -month-old son picks up the baby WS Database In monitor, holds it in his hands and peers at it as if it were a smartphone. It’s the cutest thing. New York woman Mother of a month old baby Fast Company , in a recent study, interview online parents who believetechnology is the cause of crushing their children’s creativity. But at the same time these devices are bought or given as gifts by the parents themselves. “ I purchas a tablet for my eldest son at the age of . He stopp using his imagination, he abruptly stopp drawing and very quickly.

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