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Special attention to the time seconds More than people have watch the video Word They us hooks according to Sugarman to be grey  with phrases like Parker Caviar Promotion Party limit no more than one hand can Whoever has time eats show time Advertisement before lunch and dinner is a psychological factor A person is more willing to buy food fragments when they are hungry We creat a segment that seem to echo the video message There is a calculation of the cost of cockroaches and caviar Additional click trigger.

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Additional settings Negative exclud regions with Singapore Phone Number List age under age analysis The main task of this project is not clicks and not even leads but sales When we receiv the first results on the cost of the message and analyz the number of sales per ad we realiz that it was necessary to increase the budget for this ad Caviar fish and caviar delivery promotions in the ovary Case study by target My dream fish project receiv applications each application fee is rubles picture number Case My dream fish project receiv applications cost rubles picture number points full score The mechanism is similar to the advertisement above But the sales conversion rate is much.

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Higher Caviar Ovary Photo Points out of been WS Database IN us before but with a different creative choice The most juicy content is not a video but three photos The text is the simplest or even not link to the dropshipping results analysis It is a very intuitive project because the statistics of clicks and conversions do not play any role in focusing on the results For example the advertisement with the lowest cost per click in rubles per click does not actually convert into.

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