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Disputes between members of the social network, financial and technical issues. Users are offere options for obtaining technical support. Blocke on Instagram. What to do? In what cases you nee to contact support It is important to understand which problems may or may not require technical support, because contacting technical support is the last frontier when it is impossible or difficult to solve the problem on your own. Main reasons for seeking help Account hacking Account blocking Problems logging into your account.

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Do not contact technical support if You don’t know how to upload photos and or videos You don’t know how to hashtag, share or tag a friend in a post or comment. You can find the answers to these questions yourself in the Instagram Help Center. It makes Paraguay WhatsApp Number List no sense to carry them to the support service. The best way to report a problem is through the Instagram app Why contact Instagram support for help? You have lost access to your account you forgot your password or login , account has been hacke you nee to report abuse, spam or harassment, personal information about you was publishe in the public domain account complaint , you must unblock i e. reactivate or unblock the blocke account.

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The best way to report a problem to specialists is the corresponding option in the application. You can use it like this. Open the Instagram WS Database IN mobile app. Go to Profile > Settings. Help > Report a problem. Select the type of problem Complain about spam or violation of the rules by other users, Technical issues with the Instagram app, Reviews about the quality of service. After specifying the type of issue, submit a support request. It is recommende to attach a screenshot to the letter if it better clarifies the situation.

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