Scientists say fake images can undermine

They are call (acronym Generative Adversarial Networks from the machine learning algorithm us). People Can Distinguish Human Faces From Real Faces In a new study, a team of British researchers has shown that the inability to distinguish generat faces from real ones affects how people behave on the internet.  trust and fundamentally change online communication. Contrary to photos of real people, users are more likely to perceive faces as real. Experts point out that it is not clear why this happens.

Mostly bas on first impressions

They also found an odd link that less attractive faces Hong-Kong Mobile Database were more likely to be perceiv as real. The researchers attribute this to the fact that less pretty faces are more typical. Faces ruce trust in strangers The inability to distinguish a face from a photo of a real person can affect how you treat strangers. Social interactions are  Interactions change when a person learns that images they see online may not be real. The scientists note: This result could be consider useful in some respects, as it makes people more suspicious in an environment where scammers using false profiles can operate.

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Technologies that can detect the resulting

On the other hand, it can gradually destroy the essence of WS Database IN communication. How to solve problems In psychology, there is such a concept as reality monitoring. It helps a person correctly judge the source of information. Whether it is from the outside world or his memory and associations). The development of technology means that. A person will be more critical of new information, and his monitoring of reality will not be bas solely on his judgment. Images will help with this. Experts believe that such programs should be implement in social networks to help users distinguish real faces from fake ones.

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