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Sites to submit Take a similar approach to requiring a like or follow before allowing the user to continue. View (formerly known as) This is an easy way to access all major channels at once. Do what you can to make sure you include a link back to your domain in the video itself, in the description, and possibly elsewhere as the options vary from site to site. Café Ref Blip TV Vio Vimeo Rest Daily Sports Load A Tom Photo Bucket Reaching Out Think Video Marketing in a Way. You apply to. 

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Many of the same strategies for blog posts apply here as Poland Mobile Database well. Grab your card case and verything you can to get your content in front of as many influencers online as possible. Here are some places you might consider showing your video content: Blogs where your audience might be interested in your videos Email lists Your own social media accounts Powerful, relevant accounts found through services such as , or Publishing to a localized mind? Target local newspapers, radio stations, and magazine feature bureaus. 

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Ever stumble across a funny video on a blog posting WS Database IN videos? Submit to Boring Sites for example, or take advantage of current relationships with bloggers, influencers, community leaders and other affiliates. If you use andsomeone links to a version please contact them and request a link to your domain. Depending on the nature of your video; consider leveraging paid video advertising on , , etc. Make physical meetings with contacts who might be willing to promote your content (do whatever it takes!) Submit to video directories for possible publication.

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