These are the 23 social media trends to watch out for in 2023

Social networks have become the space where brands promote their products. Thanks to interactivity, the platforms allowed the establishment of a direct communication. Channel between customers and brands. But the emergence of new social networks has generated changes in the digital landscape. Awakened new trends in the way content is consumed. Therefore, publishes the 2023 report that includes the 23 trends that await us in social networks next year . The goal of this report is to enable social media teams to anticipate their strategies and plans for the coming year with a focus on digital market penetration and mental availability .

Facebook continues to lose users and increases investment in Instagram

Facebook is the social network with the largest number of users in the world, the platform created. Mark Zuckerberg has 2,936 million users, but its user top industry data ratio remains low . As a consequence of this, advertisers and brands have migrated to Instagram, another Meta platform. But the popularity of Instagram among advertisers has had negative consequences, users show an oversaturation of content on this platform. As explained by the Spanish Association of Advertisers in the 2022 Advertising Observatory , 84.5% of those surveyed in the study consider that advertising on social networks is being abused.

Metaverse newsworthiness objective

The metaverse is one of the big topics of recent years . In 2022, brands have begun to venture with greater confidence into WS Database IN digital reality. But as Epsilon Technologies points out, “it should be noted that today very few users have devices with the technical capabilities to access the metaverse and therefore these campaigns have an impact especially at the PR level.” The launch of Apple’s Augmented Reality Glasses is planned for 2023 , which could democratize access to the metaverse beyond the world of video games with a device designed for the mass audience.

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