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Some webmasters Take the appropriate code or place the widget on any page. Make it embdable If you’re hosting your video on the guide to make sure you can still get some links from your proprietary emb code. If so make sure the emb code is available to users and includes a link back to the original video page. This code should be plac in so users can easily find and copy your emb code. The recently post some tips for manipulating emb codes. Please double check that these emb codes are OK before launching. 

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After the frustrat feeling of a web marketer realizing Jordan Mobile Database that the emb code on an expensive infographic didn’t work for three days with  then you’ll know what I’m talking about but it doesn’t. Of course it happen to me! to emb a video rather than link directly to your page so make sure you have a link back to the source inside that emb code! Enable Comments Comments are a great way to build keyword-rich, user-generat content on your pages. 

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Keep visitors coming back to your domain if only to WS Database IN see if someone responds to their witty, funny, totally original comments. This is especially effective if you have a system in place where users receive an email when a comment is respond to. The comment reply notification will do this for you. The presence of real user interaction on a page increases the stickiness and authority of the page even if the user is not engaging in the conversation just like star ratings and comments help keep a video popular. 

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