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Contextual advertising PRO Course program. Whom to entrust the launch of advertising on the Internet from Yandex Profession Manager Subscribers And Ask of contextual advertising. Internet advertising in YAN level zero by Udemy. ‎Contextual advertising from basics to efficiency by eLama Yandex Direct courses from eucational schools. Yandex direct Specialist by ppc world Fast preparation without loss of quality. Google Ads Basics by ppc world. “Google Ads PPC Free Course” by Livepage.

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Google Adwords Lessons for Beginners” by Yulia Kurilova and Pavel Khazov How is the training PPC specialist from zero to middle Yandex Ireland B2B List direct. Fundamentals of contextual advertising Yandex direct from ‎Netology Course duration lessons. Certificate yes. Training format video tutorials for offline viewing, tests, practical exercises. Training program The course is designe for beginners who are intereste in contextual advertising and who have not previously create advertising campaigns in Yandex direct. The program contains the theoretical foundations that will help you create your first campaign on your own.

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Skills acquire during training are not enough for employment. The course is more introductory in nature and helps to determine the profession. What skills will you get Understanding the basics of contextual advertising. Collection of semantics for WS Database IN setting up a campaign. Creation of advertising. With the help of Yandex metrica. Independent launch of a campaign in Yandex direct. Advantages You can study at your own pace in your spare time. There are exercises to apply the acquire knowlege in practice. Only useful material without unnecessary information.

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