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MariaDB is a system developed from MySQL. This development aims to maintain high compatibility of MySQL and is compatible with the MySQL API and its commands. MariaDB has the XtraDB storage engine to replace InnoDB. Developers These modifications can take the form with branch parties.   MongoDB MongoDB logo MongoDB is a cross- platform and open source document-oriented database software . MongoDB uses documents similar to JSON schema, therefore the system is classified into NoSQL database programs. zone. skills and knowledge in a self-directed way, aka independent and intensive (Young, 2019: 25). In fact, after he was laid off by the company  Arie studied even more actively. He applies the self-taught method of trying here and there and learning languages ​​and frameworks A – Z without clear direction or structure.

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Oracle Database Oracle Database logo Oracle Database . Is the next database relation system produced and marketed by the Oracle company. In its use, the Oracle system refers to the server – side memory structure as its global system area. The global area system can store caches , SQL commands, and user whatsapp data information.  This system has the main function as a database server that stores and retrieves data according to application requests. Apart from these functions, SAP HANA can also perform advanced. Analysis such as predictive Not surprisingly . He was interviewed dozens of times for the developer position, dozens of times . He swallowed the bitter pill of rejection. Once in an interview he was asked to code to make a simple application.

Developed by the IBM company.

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Analysis, spatial data processing, text analysis, streaming analysis , text search, and graphic data processing.  It’s just that the latest version of IBM Db2 has multi-functionality WS Database IN that supports relational and non-relational features such as JSON and XML.  8.MemSQL MemSQL logo MemSQL is a distributed, in – memory SQL database . in the form of an application login feature in 2 hours. Because he didn’t master the basics, he failed. He felt that his way of learning had to change, if he wanted to really change gears. Finally, exactly a few months after being “laid off” in May 2018, Arie got a job as a Full Stack Developer at a startup in Jakarta and not long after moved to Bank CIMB Niaga. However, Arie faces new challenges in a more systematic corporate world with higher expectations.

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