You can just share your opinion with others, express your thoughts and shoot entertainment content. With a large audience, a blogger can monetize their account and earn passive income using their popularity. But of course, blog post topics nee to be interesting and useful in order to earn a good reputation on Instagram and win the love of followers. Unfortunately, it is difficult to come up with ideas for publications on your own, because over time the creativity.

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Of the blogger will dry up, and the interest in maintaining an account will disappear due to the lack of topics to publish. Possible topics for personal Portuguese Timor Email List blog posts Food and Cooking If a blogger doesn’t have a specific topic for their account, you can create a weekly section where followers are told about delicious meals made from familiar foods. You can also talk about limiting the use of any product, if any. Creative recipes shot with a good camera will not leave anyone indifferent.

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It’s important to remember that a personal blog is not a professional chef’s account and should not be just about cooking and food. This is just an opportunity to diversify the content of your blog. Book Reviews A blogger can share his opinion about a WS Database IN book he has read and write a review about it. Then you can recommend subscribers interesting books for personal development and spiritual enrichment. Hobby Another creative idea for your posts is to talk about your hobbies and hobbies. This can be interesting for people around who want to try something new and do something unusual for themselves.

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