Congratulations to the Alcatel-Lucent

In the past, Arie was a rock expert in the mining sector. Having a career of 7 years has made him established and in his comfort zone. But he had thought it through carefully. Digital industry, the real world of the future. Not stopping at thinking, Arie concretely Congratulations to the Alcatel-Lucent realized his intention to change careers through action. As a result, a few months after being laid off by the company, Arie succeeded in landing his dream career: developer. What is the secret so that Arie can successfully change careers to become a developer? How can a senior geologist achieve a Team Lead Front-end Developer career at a national bank within 2 years? Let’s look at 3 tips from him What is the Secret to Changing Programmer Careers  Growth .

Mindset Have the mindset that

Our potential is truly limitless. Believe that you can grow and change for the better through practice and real experience. Arie’s mindset above is reflected in his optimistic and always self-growth oriented figure. In his previous office where he had worked steadily for 7 years, he admitted that he had learned enough. He also completed his Master’s studies at ITB in the field of Petroleum whatsapp database and Geoscience. He has carried the classification of a senior geologist. However, he remains “hungry” to find new growth areas. What’s that? The most exponential technological changes are in the IT world. That’s Arie’s view. This is different from the mining sector, that is used to create.

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Analysis reports.whose glory days are fading in the industrial era 4.0. Coal or oil reserves will undoubtedly run out, but not with the ever-growing world of computers. Then Arie PD decided. If you want to continue to grow personally, then moving your career WS Database IN to the IT sector is the most appropriate choice. Even though there is no academic basis, Arie believes that intelligence can be developed . Programming knowledge can be explored, even though this field is completely new for him who has 3 heads. This mindset is not just PD “everything can be done.” As Dweck wrote in his book “Mindset” (2006), someone with a growth mindset definitely likes learning. He is not oriented to being seen by people as the best or greatest.

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