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A bug report is a document describing a situation that leads to an error during testing, indicating the reasons and the expecte result. Read articles, chat in the community, learn all the unknown words. At first it will difficult, but then your vocabulary will expand and you will begin to understand the interlocutors better and better. Types of testing You may never nee this theory and in an interview no one will ask how unit tests differ from localization tests, but you nee to analyze the characteristics of each type.

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Functional testing white box, black box System test Performance test load and stress test Regression test Unit test Security test Localization test Usability test. At the same time, in different sources, the same types of tests may calle differently, and Taiwan WhatsApp Number List the list will supplemente or, conversely, truncate. Goals and stages of testing Each test is performe for a specific purpose, not just to test the overall performance of the application. In general, you nee to make sure that it works correctly in any or certain circumstances and meets the state requirements, as well as user expectations. These will the goals of the experiments.

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Testing steps include Analysis of the software to teste. Studying product requirements and user expectations. Development of test script and checkpoint. At this stage, it is important to fix how quality control will carrie out and what indicators WS Database IN determine it. Development of test documentation. Prototype test optional. Testing process. Processing of test results. Bug reports. Refinement base on test results. Verification test. Test formalization error reporting, reports. you nee to develop a test plan a document describing all the work and topics of the tests, strategies, and criteria for starting and ending tests. The test plan answers the following questions what nees to teste.

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