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Before calculating the KPIs, therefore, make sure that everyone – sellers, agents, KAMs and managers – speaks the same language. KPI : Average duration of each phase of the sales cycle Keeping your attention on the average duration of each stage of your prospects’ buyer’s journey will help you identify any obstacles or stalemate points. Base on this data you can then insert content marketing activities , improve the contact points between company and lead or set up new workflows to avoid slowing down the sales process and reactivate those that have suffere a setback. b b sales strategies By adopting the techniques envisage by.

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The inbound sales methodology and therefore placing prospects and customers at the center of the strategy, your content and interactions wedding photo editing service with them will be commensurate with the type of nee and the stage of the purchasing process in which they find themselves. For the inbound marketing team this means relying on salespeople to get valuable feeback on leads’ responses in real time and setting campaigns base on the real nees of interlocutors, trying to always be useful and never intrusive. Objective: deicate more time to commercial activities KPI : Number of activities calls, emails, and prospect registration.

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Unless your sales department is extremely diligent in planning and tracking the various activities, including counting the hours deicate to each task, it is always rather complicate to quantify the time spent on “active” sales operations and therefore calculate the cost for the acquisition of each customer. Download the Marketing Automation eBook for FREE and discover how to convert more leads into customers b b sales strategies time However, if you ask your salespeople to WS Database In use a time sheet to track the time spent on each activity and explain to them that it is a method for understanding and optimizing the sales process, with the aim of improving

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