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The current period Even slight deviations from plan are not acceptable. Normal and positive. Here are some ways: Try to see a difficult situation with new eyes and evaluate it from a different perspective. Come up with multiple strategies to solve the same problem. Learn to focus on the idea that everything is happening in the here and now. Reflection instereotyp thinking and to realize that liv experience and theoretical attitudes are not always helpful. Research opposing views Read books and movies that disagree with you, and listen.

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Get us to it, celebrate holidays in large corporations Ukraine Mobile Database rather than narrow family circles, take new routes, try new hobbies. Try letting go of constant control and obsession, putting off non-urgent things, diverting attention from work,  talking to co workers, learning to fail and compromise. What is Consistency Consistency is the consistency, coherence, verbal expression of a person’s internal content (his attitudes, attitudes, moods and feelings, states, experiences) and his externally manifest behavior, feelings and emotions. clinical psychologist.

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The association says this is the truest and most authentic state of. A person, rather than displaying psychological defenses, presenting a certain appearance, hiding behind a mask. Playing a certain role. Ph.D. and itor of The Encyclopia of Psychology WS Database IN states that coherence implies an inner process of awareness. Whereby one accepts one’s own actual processes and states, thereby allowing one to express oneself in this way, adds. Psychologists also point out that the method of performance should not hurt others, that is, it should not be follow directly.

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