Companies that offer the best cost of work and meet several criteria will be able to win the award: good business reputation, experience in executing similar contracts, availability of material and technical resources, and more. In mid-January, the removal of New Year’s decorations begins by official decree. to be remov: demolish, and the tree itself is remov from the streets. Later that year, the tunnels, arches and other light structures were remov, and they decid to keep them until January. At the same time as urban transformation, pay.

The exterior wall of the hall and the decoration 

Decorations were also remov. ,,, and other large shopping New-Zealand Mobile Database centers do not hire  and dismantle and decorate by themselves. The remov jewelry will be taken away and stor in a special room. Typically, these are warehouses leas or own by the organization. In 2010, the authorities set aside three warehouses to store Moscow holiday decorations, each with an area of ​​about 10,000 square meters. rice. A design free of electronics and fragile parts is awaiting its unveiling next winter. Items with decorative design and lighting fixtures are locat in the enclos space.

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A tender was held for the first time for the lease of non-residential premises to store holiday decorations. The winning contractor will store all of the WS Database IN city decorations in their warehouse until next New Years. The New Year decorations on the trading floor are also arrang in special rooms. For example, festive decorations at Central Department Stores are often New Year’s designs on the high street and last for weeks or even months. During this time, they may become unusable due to weather conditions or damag by citizens. For example, in early January 2019, an identity.

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