Correctly and in the correct format, do not log in, and that the help center instructions do not work. Detaile information about account recovery can found there without asking for help. How to recover your Instagram account if you forgot your email If, in addition to your password, you have forgotten your email address or password , recovering your Instagram account will more difficult. Forgotten email address If you don’t remember which email you registere with Instagram, try resetting your password see above , but you nee to remember the login.

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Then check your inboxes, you may receive an email with a password reset link in one of them. If you still haven’t found the email in any mail, check your SPAM folder. You forgot your email password Officially, the Instagram support service recommends Senegal WhatsApp Number List contacting the support service of the mail service if you have forgotten your email password. But there is another option. You can contact Instagram support saying that the account has been hacke. Usually, when Instagram is hacke, mail and personal data change, that is, in fact, you do not have access to the mail to which the account is currently registere.

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It can considere as a hack. Making a request through the browser If you don’t have the app, try submitting a request through a browser on WS Database IN your PC. In this case, your problem should relate to hacking hacking, fraud, insult, spam, etc. How to do it? Go to https help instagram com Help Center. Go to the Privacy and Security section. Click the Report Abuse link. Select a problem option. Fill out the form or answer questions. This method does not guarantee that you will get a complete solution, but at least you will on the right track.

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