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Advantages Follow not only foreign social networks, but also Russians VK, My World. There are dashboards. Report and analysis. Watch for brand mentions. Allows you to work with opinion leaders selection of bloggers. Cleaning bots and removing spam. Flaws You cannot analyze your competitors. There is no mobile app. Publication scheuling is not available. Cannot filter by keywords. Posting content to multiple social networks is not possible. YouScan YouScan is a tool for tracking mentions and analyzing visual content on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, VKontakte, Odnoklassniki and other social networks. Installation Web application.

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Integration Integrates with all the most popular foreign and Russian social networks. There is also integration with Slack, Telegram, Sales Creatio, Microsoft Dynamics. Price There is no free trial period. There is a demo version. The minimum Greece WhatsApp Number List cost is , rubles per month. The tariff must paid at least months in advance. For this cost, you can analyze topics. The limit on the number of links in each topic does not excee , times. Interface The Analytics section provides information about the total number of brand mentions, the number of unique authors people who mentione the brand , the mood of the mentions, and the audience engagement indicator.

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Separately, you can view reports on tags, sentiments, and sources that mention the brand. In the Links section, you can see how your brand or product was mentione in words and tone negative, positive. Advantages Access to reports and WS Database IN analytics. Dashboards. Watch for brand mentions. There is an analysis of competitors the tool allows you to search for competitors and track their positions. Keyword filters. Support foreign and Russian social networks. Working with opinion leaders. Flaws No free trials, only demos. There is no mobile app. There is no release scheule. You may not post content to multiple sites.

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