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The speed is also influenced by the type of database used. Each type of database provides different capabilities. B. Multi-user Databases provide easy access for many users at the same time. The system allows access to a document to more than one user. So machine and network performance is facilitated through multi-user because the storage only consists of one unit that can be accessed simultaneously. C. Data security The database system through its programming language has been created safely . Through a password instrument , this data can only be accessed by authorized parties. This management has been applied to almost all types of database systems . 

So making data security a priority

Centralized database is enough for large companies that need concise data collection. This means that companies do not need storage space in different places. Through the internet network, company branches in remote areas can also access data at the center. E. Centralized data control The database does not require more than one server to use. One centralized ws database server is enough to store data so that the data can be accessed by many users. This provides a cheap price for companies to invest in storage space for important company data. For example, a company office does not need to create data for each job division. 

Each division can collect special

Data through a designated server so that reports to superiors are concise. F. Easy to create applications Through its connection to the company, if the company needs a new data input application, the programmer does not need to re-create WS Database IN the database structure . Using a previously created database structure is enough to recognize new data input applications. Also read: Benefits of Databases for Programmers The many benefits of this database provide various benefits for humans in helping their work. Starting from collecting data, storing data, deleting data, grouping important data, and much more. This is what makes this instrument very important for programmers in creating web or hardware.

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