The ice is dwindling and temperatures in central

Cargo transport along the Rhine. In addition, it will be necessary to significantly ruce French nuclear energy production. These events have exacerbat the energy and financial crisis, making it harder for people to keep warm and buy basic necessities. Greenland are warmer than last year’s average. Due to the unusually high temperature, the Earth’s ice caps began to melt at an accelerat rate. In January, the amount of ice in Antarctica reach its lowest level in a satellite-observ year. Ice sheets store large amounts of fresh water, which helps cool the atmosphere. Scientists calculat that if all glaciers melt completely.

The world sea level will rise by about

The coast will wash away and residents of coastal towns will have Kazakhstan Mobile Database to relocate. However, it will take at least several hundr years for the glacier to be completely destroy. Scientists believe that climate change is likely   the cause of this year’s deadly floods in Pakistarecipitation hit a record high: Rain flood about a third of the country’s territory. The Unit Nations estimates the floods have affect millions of people. More than 10,000 buildings were destroy. About 10,000 people were forc to leave their homes. At least $100 million is ne to restore homes and farms and flood protection.

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Research on people’s lives affect by water

Studies have shown that many people are unable to WS Database IN computer-generat images. Learn why this is a problem, and what to do about faces us for espionage. Create a profile that featur a computer-generat profile photo in the US mia last summer. Its owners were able to communicate with U.S. officials and other influential figures. Hackers often use the generat photos to create fake profiles to monitor social, experts say.

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