The keyword or query is just the initiator of the process

It will give you a deeper understanding of what they are looking for and how best to report to them. Most likely to let them know what your priorities are, which is understandable. Start by explaining your goals and how they impact larger company goals. Then, interpreting changes in the information sent to Analytics, and reporting at the keyword level is nearly impossible. Finally, talk about how you want to focus on things that are measurable.

Deliver results to the company’s bottom line

Yes we must rank! If they then say keywords are   the most important thing you want to report on The answer is usually because that’s how you judge Oman Mobile Database your web ranking, or if yours is effective. Rankings happen for many reasons. After you’ve made a page the best one for a particular need or topic, you can optimize it to be the strongest it can be. There are multiple keyword variations on any one topic, so your focus should be on the page and topic, not just one or two keywords out of potentially hundreds. 

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Two main factors you can influence your ranking

Elements are related to the landing page. Having relevant content and strengthening your pages is what you as a search marketer should be focusing on. See the factors most correlated with rankings from the annual Ranking Factors Survey. All the most important factors are related to the page. Your next question should be how do I know what content to WS Database IN develop to rank for if I stop thinking about keywords? It’s up to the user. As a profession, we really forget to talk to the users of our sites. Think of any keyword research presentations from the past few years (I’ve done and seen a few of them) and you’ll find many of them talking about Google.

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