Length of feeback – Negative feeback can be really long as the customer of. Sten wants to detail the unpleasant experience. On the other hand, positive reviews are usually very short, consisting of single words. What’s more, satisfie customers most often give stars and do not justify such a rating. The frequency with which reviews appear If a company has receive a lot of positive reviews in a short period of time and suddenly no new comments appear on the listing.

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It’s very possible that the recommendations were bought to increase the rating. Praising a product or company Exaggerating the benefits of a Niger Email List product or service is not a natural sign of customer satisfaction. Reviews written by employees is difficult to verify by the consumer. Such activities can only be detecte accidentally, when the consumer recognizes, for example, from the username that it is his friend who works in a given company.

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Complimenting the service such opinions are most often left by an employee of the company, who is trying to emphasize how great the person works there. Fake Accounts A strange or funny username that left a comment may be a sign that the account was create WS Database IN to post fake reviews. This can be verifie by clicking on the name and checking other written reviews. It is worth noting, however, that the detection of any of these aspects does not necessarily indicate unethical behavior. Therefore, detecting fake reviews is not so easy. Very often the quality of opinions depends on the industry.

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