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Also, try not to use blocking this may cause The Omnibus Directive technical support to bret suspicious. Zeus Zeus, like SocialKit or Instaplus, plays both sides it allows you to cheat and get rid of bots. When setting filters You can set up restrictions and filters, such as blocking Arabic. The corresponding accounts will then bret remove from the following list. The requeste feature is only available on the VIP plan, which costs rubles per month. There is a two day trial period.

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If you are only using Zeus to purge bot followers, it will bret quite expensive. Service Functionality Features False Like Information Without Liberia B2B List downloading the list of bots and cleaning them, just detection rubles for a single check. There is a similar HERO trend starting at. per month More suitable for checking accounts bretfore buying ads Spam Protection Download the list of bots, commercial and inactive accounts. But no cleaning From rub.

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Month Free first scan More suitable for working with your accounts InstaHero There is a search for fakes, cleaning and monitoring Analysis WS Database IN rubles. For a check. Cleaning — rubles. mes Suitable for checking both your own and other people’s accounts Getpapabot Collection and download of complete statistics on subscribretrs. Without automatic cleaning From rub. For a one time operation It can bret use to both check the blogger and upload your list of followers socialkit He knows how to find and clean rub. Per month Desktop program.

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