The protocol is Treat video descriptions (in or elsewhere) like meta descriptions. Use keywords but don’t overdo it. Write a paragraph that convinces someone that the video is both relevant and worth watching. Remember that if an employee uses the same terms in the meta description those terms will be bold above. Video filename like image with hyphens instead of spaces. Implementing the Video Schema It is unclear how the to be us.  doesn’t seem to have taken it into account.

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Deploying at least the basics of the recommendations for video objects early won’t hurt to future-proof your site. Create a Video Sitemap As your video Romania Mobile Database collection grows, it’s important to be able to crawl and index all of your videos. This can be ensur by creating a video sitemap. Very similar to normal sitemap Video styles mostly just point to each video and add attributes like duration, family friendly (whether or not) etc. Organiz a few simple models.

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Boards are available to get you start additionally

Be sure to check out the video sitemap guide or get the WS Database IN plugin if that’s a better fit for your nes. Video Sitemap Template Video. Title Video Meta Description Video: Duration Video Length (Seconds) Target Keyword Name No Video: Video Self-host Video Sitemap Template. ? Video URL Video Length (in seconds) Yes Target Keyword Name Uploader No Video: Video A video sitemap not only strengthens your inclusion in the index but also helps crawlers.

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