The psychology of color is one of the factors that most influences purchasing decisions

Motorola ‘s evolution is very notable with a clear objective: to reinforce its image as a competitive and reliable brand , with a legacy in innovation and development without equal in the telephony and communications sector that gives them a privileged position to address the future. . At we wanted to find out more about the evolution and future objectives of the brand, so we interviewed Paola Gutiérrez, director of communication and marketing at Motorola Spain.

Motorola: a communication and marketing strategy as a means of expression

For four years we have been the fastest category email list growing brand worldwide. In Latam we have reached second place and for three years we have also  occupied third position in North America. In Europe, a fragmented and very complex market, we have a great challenge to be perceived by the general public as a current brand and in continuous innovation,” Paola tells us. Motorola smartphones can serve as a means of expression , representing, uniting and transforming people and their environment, as they have a portfolio of innovative products, designed based on the needs and preferences of users . This is why your communication and marketing strategy consists of adapting your messages and channels to reach new audiences . 

The focus of the With you everything is Very Peri campaign: the youngest

Its communication strategy at the level of social networks consists of focusing on a younger audience thanks to actions derived from active WS Database IN listening on social networks since this is an audience that interacts much more with the brand. This strategy has a double challenge: rejuvenate the brand and get closer to young people. Because? Because they are technology trendsetters , the first to know the latest advances in specs and launches in the sector. Maybe they don’t decide to buy, but they do recommend the products to their family and friends. «With the campaign ‘ With you everything is Very Peri ‘ we have entered fully into the world of music, resorting to the most urban sounds and aesthetics, using not only a tone and a similar language to generate conversation around the brand» clarifies Paola.

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