The purpose-infallible ritual before and after each task

Define the task as a concrete action . It is important that the task is a concrete action and not a result or a concept. A task cannot be “Sales Landing”. One task should be “Write Sales Landing Copy.” Identify the direct benefit of the task . Identify what the direct benefit of the task is, what the task causes and always with a positive approach. For example: “Getting closer to launching course X.” Completing the task causes a direct impact. Yes, small, but direct, above all.

Relate it to your general objectives

That small direct achievement also has a direct impact on your overall goals. He always has it. Locate what general objective it is related to. Continuing with the example: “get passive income and obtain financial freedom.” Put the pieces together in a task . Put the pieces together when you add the top industry data task to your manager. In my case, as you know I use (and love) Todoist , I write down the task as an action and add a comment with the rest of the sentence. Continuing with the example, the task would be “Write the copy for the Sa

Set a date, my friend

Set a date, my friend . Always put a If you don’t know when you’ll be able to do it, put “next week” to see if next week you know when you’ll be able to do it. Not putting a date on WS Database IN it means you’re not going to do it. A task with a clear purpose will cost you more to delay every week. You will see! What do we do when carrying out the task? Shall we continue with the rituals? Well, look, when the time comes to perform the task, I read aloud both the action and the comment to become aware that “I am going to do something to achieve something.” Do you follow me

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