The task is done in several stages, in a complex way of pouring from one jar to another. Then given a similar problem, it can be done in just two steps, but the students in the class have the same difficulty doing it.  asked this simple question and solved it in the most obvious way. Experiments have shown that mental rigidity should alleviate this problem: students complete new tasks in familiar ways. But in fact, psychological quality blocks a more efficient and obvious path Rigid Lord.

The downside is that it prevents you from changing

Change your mindset and adapt to new situations. According to Ivory-Coast Mobile Database a University of Cambridge study, the degree of mental rigidity affects the ability to compromise: People with this trait tend to think aggressively, including when it comes to. American scientists believe that stiffness rates have a negative impact. If a person suffers from a mental disorder, rigidity can exacerbate the disorder. For example, people with eating disorders ( ) tend to follow certain eating habits because of their mental attitude that they can’t eat after six, or I will.

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Causes neurasthenia The digestive system keeps working WS Database IN and does not need food until six o’clock in the evening. When dealing with rigid people, it’s important to understand the nature of their difficulties. They do have a hard time acting different, and the feeling of novelty is very unsettling. Soothing and normalizing communication that supports their self-esteem will help create a connection. It is important to allow time to adapt to the change, take it gradually, do not demand an immediate reaction, and be patient. How to identify your own rigid thinking and get rid of it.

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