The term was introduced by psychologists

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Source either from outside or from his memories and associations). Technological developments mean that man will be more critical of new information, and his monitoring of reality will not be bas solely on his judgment. able to achieve this goal. Experts believe that such programs should be implement in social networks to help users distinguish between real and fake faces. What is frustration (from the Latin deceit, vain expectations) is a state of mind resulting from the failure to satisfy a ne or desire. When the satisfaction of nes is met with insurmountable.

Insurmountable obstacles

This state occurs. Often, the depressive state is accompani by Kenya Mobile Database negative experiences: disappointment, anger, anxiety, hopelessness. in the second half of this century to study the stress caus by a frustrating situation due to a person’s inability to meet. We were suppos to send out a work report at night but the internet is down throughout the house and you are in a depression. Psychotherapist Miroslav Yashin of the online psychotherapy service.

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Equally frustrating for example

It was they who plann to get a promotion at WS Database IN work and didn’t give it to you. In his view, it is inevitable that a person will fall into a state of frustration from time to time in the course of life; this occurs first in childhood, for example, when children do not get the expect praise from their parents or buy things they expect but do not get. hour. Irina Makarova, director of the counseling center, points out that depressive situations trigger different emotions: we can feel all kinds of anger, from mild irritation to anger.

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