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If you can’t log in to Instagram and the advice from the help center doesn’t help, you don’t receive an SMS with a code and email to reset your password and regain control of your personal page, then there is only one way on the left write to the administration. To do this, open the app on your mobile device and click Get help with access below the form. First page Then enter the username, phone number or email address associate with the profile and click Next. Your avatar and possible further actions should appear on the screen.

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To write for help, click Nee more help? and fill in the fields of the propose form. Contact the Instagram administration Official support email useless or not We said earlier that Instagram has an email that is meant to inform people. Let’s write again Poland WhatsApp Number List support instagram com. But users who already have experience communicating with those who support Instagram argue that it is useless to write to this address. And this is exactly the trap we were talking about. Most reviews indicate that questions at this address are almost never answere. Therefore, it is better to use the appeal sections directly, which we also already talke about.

Whatsapp Mobile Number List

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How long does tech support answer? There is no nee to send several identical messages to technical support to spee up the process of getting a response. It is enough to contact the Instagram administration once. On average, a response WS Database IN from technical support comes within hours. Request processing time depends on the workload of managers. Remember that our support team processes thousands of requests per day. Therefore, it may take more than two days to resolve the issue. How to properly talk about the problem so that the message is not ignore.

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