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The word “ad” has chang from green to black


 We risk speaking only to those who already he knows us. Instead. We must speak to those who don’t know us (to those who don’t know our brand or service/product) but are looking for a solution … And that solution is us. “is the zero result above the sponsor  ones?” google is doing a lot of tests and experiments; it is currently under sponsor . But a short time ago it was above . Pay attention to the serps. The word “ad” has chang  from green to black; the same favicons were present in the snippets for a very short period.

Then about the target.


 These are tests that google does. In my asia email list view. If the zero result is the most relevant for that query it should be above everything. “what tool do you use to identify the most effective keywords?” first of all i think about who i want to talk to. Then about the target. Then i go to google and look at the serps for those keywords and try to figure out if they “turn on” the right serp. And finally i use seozoom to refine the search. From there the relat  keywords and those with the same search intent are return  to me . That is.  The people who search  for this keyword also search  .

But without average monthly searches


 I also observe the average monthly searches (and i understand which keyword brings me the WS Database IN most volumes of traffic) and seasonality (let’s think about covid now: a search for  plexiglass barrier  and  sanitizer  had a very different seasonality in previous years ). There are several free tools that allow you to find informational keywords. Such as Ubersuggest. But without average monthly searches you are at a disadvantage. “are b2b/personal branding strengthen  by seo?” correct seo activity serves to strengthen any activity. On the personal brand i work a lot on the seo side of link in .

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