Attitudes to melancholy changed during the Middle Ages. According to the Christian tradition, mental illness is very different from physical illness. As Jean Starobinski points out in The Ink of Melancholy, physical illness is a test and a merit, whereas mental illness, if the will consents, is considered It is a sin that will bring God’s retribution.  and lacking in initiative, written in this century.

About melancholy

One of the most important works “Grief and Melancholy”. He Luxembourg Mobile Database defined this feeling as the loss of something incomprehensible and inexpressible. From Freud’s point of view, grief stems from the loss of everything that to depression. accurate diagnosis. If you are sure that nothing is threatening your mental health and you are just trying to figure out if your dull state could be called “depression.

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Key symptoms: (Greek ἀν negative prefix ἡδονή joy) Inability to experience joy and loss of momentum. For example, a person no longer derives WS Database IN pleasure from success at work or communication with loved ones. Missing is a state of mental anxiety and depression. Feelings bordering on melancholy are boring, sad, sad. The protagonists of Russian classics often suffer from depression. For example, the lyrical hero of the poem “Winter”. What should we do at home? The word Pushkin longing describes being forced to be alone on the estate in winter.

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