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These patients are sent to a neurologist

Chief Physician In epilepsy, an area of ​​the brain becomes overly excit, causing a seizure. The experiences and feelings that may be part of the aura often prece the episode. But there are also non-convulsive types of seizures. In short, there is a focus of increas activity in the brain, known as firing, to do. This type of epilepsy can appear dull and evil. Emotional outburst: When a person suddenly becomes angry and releases it suddenly after a few seconds. Deja vu, like this seizure.

May be a non-convulsion of epilepsy

Who undergoes an EEG and detects and treats the hyperactive Iran Mobile Database lesions. In the course of the research, the American University professor of psychology and neurology confirm  the possibility of a split  the perception of information. Most importantly, people perceive the same object or scene twice. For example, when a person walks the streets of a strange city for the first time, a street cafe enters his field of vision. At first, he notic him out of the corner of his eye as he focus on passers-by.

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Because of this quick glance the brain receives

Process very little information. So when one looks WS Database IN at the café with a kind of conscious rapt attention, one cannot believe that one is seeing it for the first time. This is how perception is replicat, and perhaps this is why the recognition effect occurs. Attempts to Correct Inaccurate Memories A neuroscientist conduct a study in which he attempt to recreate the déjà vu effect in the laboratory. He present participants with a series of similar words (b, pillow, night but avoid.

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