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They can accept There is competition The information security market is very large and diverse. Of course, we developers have our strengths (antivirus, system, etc.) and weaknesses. Customers have a choice: what they want, or, for example,  is behind and invest in developing regions with suppliers. Of course, Russian solutions are moving fast. Our Western colleagues took a few years, we need to do it in a few years. Another important situation is the hardware platform (processor and system.

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Launch of a range of solutions. trend) and its   predictability of delivery time forf Western companies limit delivery times for microelectronic components to Luxembourg Mobile Database two months, Russian companies can achieve six months or more. Therefore, not all firewall developers can justify the potential growth rate of the market in 2019. Has the expert’s departure affected the expert’s work? Are you missing someone today? The company’s business has not been affected, but there is a shortage of personnel. Our number of vacancies is accounted for by staff.

Cell Phone number List

The total number of workers in our region needs

The demands are high, but the company’s development is hampered by a chronic lack of specialists. I would even call it a shortage, not of people, but WS Database IN of expertise. Every company wants to attract specialists, and the competition for them is increasing. I think it will take a while for things to change. To some extent, the automation and robotization of routine tasks will be able to speed up processes and reduce staff shortages. These techniques have been studied very carefully and are already in use. Many companies are in.

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