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They still good returns Foundation – opinion on the cost of treatment Not only financial support The Dobro Returns Foundation – the opinion that lifestyle does not matter is a myth The Good Returns Foundation – what else does it do? In Poland, over , people suffer from it. Poles. Over . million worldwide. The causes are not fully known, and the spectrum of symptoms is very wide – multiple sclerosis is one of the most mysterious and insidious diseases. It most often affects young people between and years of age. What exactly is multiple sclerosis? Knowlege about the disease is promote by the Good Returns Foundation! Multiple sclerosis – what is this disease? Multiple sclerosis is a chronic, autoimmune disease with abnormal transmission of nerve impulses.

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MS attacks the myelin, which is responsible for building the sheaths of nerve fibers. During the course of the disease, demyelinating process – nerve sheaths are damage or completely disintegrate. This disturbs, delays or completely prevents the correct transmission of impulses. Places of nerve damage, calle photo editor sclerosis, can be “scattere” throughout the nervous system – hence the name of the disease. The symptoms of MS can be very different and depend on where in the central nervous system the nerve has been damage and which information is being transmitte inappropriately. Among the most common symptoms are: tingling and numbness in various parts of the body stiffness, pain of greater or lesser intensity.

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Muscle cramps, problems with balance and motor coordination, chronic fatigue of very high intensity, cognitive dysfunction, impairment of muscle function responsible for movement. Although multiple sclerosis is not a fatal disease, it makes it very difficult to function normally. Despite the efforts of scientists from around the world, a drug that would completely remove the disease from the body has still not been invente. Patients can only strive to improve their living conditions, supporting themselves with appropriate rehabilitation and meication. Unfortunately, MS therapy is expensive. Not everyone can afford WS Database IN specialist meical visits and the purchase of necessary meicines. The Good Returns Foundation extends a helping hand to patients.

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