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management system . This system is also included in the relational database management system (RDBMS). MemSQL functions to compile SQL into machine code through a code generation process . 9. Interbase Interbase logo Interbase is an RBMS system that is different from other products. The system has a minimal footprint , almost zero administration requirements and a multi-generation architecture. Interbase can be used on Other operating systems such as Windows and Linux can also be discovered by changing the settings. 3. MariaDB MariaDB logo of business intelligence . A Warehouse Database is a central, integrated repository of data from one or more different sources.

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Windows, macOS, Linux, Solaris, iOS, and Android operating systems. This system was built directly by Embarcadero Technologies (formerly Borland). 10. Firebird Firebird logo The last relational database system is Firebird. Firebird is an open source SQL system and runs on mac OS X, Windows, Linux, and other ws data unique operating systems. The Firebird database is also a fork of the open source Borland Interbase in 2000. It’s just that since Firebird version 1.5 most of the code has been rewritten. E. End-User Database 1. SQLite SQLite logo SQLite is a database management system based on the C programming library. Unlike other systems, SQLite is not a client server database engine .

Supporting end user data storage

 SQLite is embedded into the final program so it is suitable for use in . SQLite is very popularly used as database software for local/client storage via application software such as web browsers. This system is the system most widely used via operating systems, web browsers, and wider embedded systems such as cell phones. Benefit WS Database IN From the various types along with the functions and understanding of previous databases, it turns out that this system is useful for its users. These benefits include: A. Speed and convenience Database systems provide the ability to quickly select data into one sorted group. This instrument results in the search for the information needed being found quickly. 

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