This state occurs when the fulfillment of needs

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What is a setback (from the Latin deception, vain expectations) is a state of mind that results from the failure to satisfy a ne or desire. encounters insurmountable or insurmountable obstacles. Often, the depress state is accompani by negative experiences: disappointment, irritation, anxiety, hopelessness.  in the second half of the century to study stress caus fails to meet his nes and tasks assign to him. We were suppos to send a work report at night and the internet was down throughout the house You are in a depress state.

The term was introduc by psychologists

It’s also frustrating that they plan to get a promotion at Hungary Mobile Database work, but they don’t give it to you, exemplifies Miroslav Yashin, a psychotherapist at an online psychotherapy service. In his view, it is inevitable for a person to fall into a state of frustration from time to time in the course of life; this first occurs in childhood, for example, when a child does not get the expect praise from their parents or buy something they expect, but does not get it. Irina Makarova, director of the Counseling Center, points out that depressing situations can cause different emotions.

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By frustrating situations in which a person

We can feel all kinds of anger, from mild irritation to WS Database IN anger and hatr, it can be feelings of powerlessness, depression Feelings, disappointment, resentment and severe frustration. According to her, situations of limitation, failure and obstacles can lead to severe stress, apathy and feelings of meaninglessness, but at the same time they can be a powerful motivator to find a way out and transform. However, it may be difficult for a person to be aware of this state, says Vladimir Shlyapnikov, head of the Department of Personality and Difference Psychology at the Moscow Psychoanalytic Institute.

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