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Functions.of databases and their functions. A Operational Database Operational Database or commonly called an OLTP ( On Line Transaction Processing ) database , is useful for managing dynamic data directly or in real-time .  view and modify data. of changing, adding, deleting data directly via the hardware used. 1. JSON JSON logo JSON ( JavaScript Object Notation ) is a file format that uses text to send data.  used by users to exchange data such as communicating quickly via web browsers and web servers. Data synchronization can be done in real-time . The JSON format itself comes from JavaScript programming, through its creation JSON has a language format that is different from others.

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Even though this is an uncomfortable zone and contains risks and uncertainties, Arie believes in the power of business. One principle that he always adheres to is Henry Ford’s quote: “Whether you think you can, think you can’t. You are right.” The streets whatsapp database of Bandung city are not as smooth as they are now when people used to step on them. But over time everyone will get used to it. Tip #3: Apply the Ultralearning Learning Method to Move Forward The biggest challenge for someone changing careers is mastering the skills to compete with university graduates and experienced professionals. For this reason, apply the ultralearning learning method “Ultralearning” is a strategy to deepen

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system built by Microsoft. As a database server , this system is a software product.  That functions to store and retrieve data according to requests from other applications. This allows it to run either via the same computer or other computers via the internet network. At least Microsoft has marketed 12 different editions of the Microsoft SQL Server system. It is aimed at WS Database IN providing choices to users and for different needs too. C. Distributed Databases Distributed Database is a database whose storage device is not installed on the same computer device. The database is stored on several computer devices located in the same place or spread over other interconnected computer networks.

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