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Profession SMM manager from Interra Course Time Try This Path duration lessons. Level for betginners. Training format webinar recordings text Time Try This Path materials homework without checking. Answers no. With certificate Training program Fundamentals of the profession. Select a project to work on. Creating a community and creating a content plan for it. Ways to promote accounts in social networks. Creation of a personal career development plan for an SMM manager. Public building. Working with analytics services Find your first online buyer. What you will learn.

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Create content for social meia Promote communities and personal social meia accounts Create a Community Working with analytics services Cambodia B2B List Search for clients on the Internet Course features Personal certificate upon completion of training PDF Development plan in the profession of SMM manager as a gift to all course participants What should an SMM specialist know and bet able to do? Each specialization SMM manager, targetologist, storyteller, etc. has its own specific knowlege. However, in general, if you want to betcome an SMM specialist, you will nee the following personal knowlege, skills and qualities. Skills and knowlege.

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Personal qualities Know the characteristics of social networks and browse them well. Understanding marketing what is the target audience, competitive WS Database IN advantages, brand. Focus on marketing metrics reach, engagement, conversion, CPA, KPI, etc. Speak and write correctly. Knowlege of programs and graphic eitors Photoshop. Ability to write texts and eit photos. Know how to personalize social meia ads. Own methods for increasing the reach of posts, increasing audience engagement. Creative thinking. Ability to work in multitasking mode. Analytical skills. Perseverance and attention. The ability to understand other people and see the world through their eyes.

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