How to overcome procrastination by adding purpose to your work

Hello again! How are you? All good? Today I want to get away from the topic of marketing a little to talk to you about something that has given me a lot of headaches since I became self-employed: procrastination. Tell me if this situation sounds familiar to you : You keep thinking about everything you have to do… You don’t know where to start and you feel a certain resistance… So you say to yourself: I’ll start with something simpler to pick up the pace!

The power of why in carrying out tasks

I know that it must seem a bit silly to you, the motivation that is so fashionable lately, but you should know that. I am not one to stand in front of the mirror and tell myself “hey, Vic, you have hair. Thinking that the statement will make it come true . No. I’m more inclined to say to myself, “Hey Vic, despite your alopecia, you’re handsome, man.” However, with the routine industry email list of having resolutions, I have to admit that its impact has . Been brutal on my daily life and my way of working . Even reducing my stress level and making me much more productive.

Some advantages of having your resolutions

Having purposes has many advantages. Okay, it’s not a matter of the music playing and everything goes well for you, it’s not magic, but it works. You become aware that what you do has meaning . When you have resolutions, you stop having faith that what you are doing has meaning and start truly believing it. There, procrastination suffers a hard blow. You put emphasis on the positive aspect of the job . You stop “doing something because you have to.” You put emphasis on WS Database IN the positive aspect of what you are going to do since it will bring you positive consequences. You increase your sense of progress and advancement . Adding purposes and mini-goals and being aware of them will help you enjoy that sense of progress, of seeing how you are growing.

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