Imagine that you are renovating your apartment and you buy most of the elements of the new decor e g. wallpapers, stucco, paints in one store, which additionally helps you a lot in creating perfect spaces in your home. It is very possible that after the renovation, happy with the effect obtaine, you will be happy to share your opinion, even adding photos, which are so often indicate as an element indicating the falsity of the opinion. I think you can see how hard it is to impose guidelines that will always confirm that a review is not genuine.

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How to deal with fake and negative reviews on Google Maps? Typically, entrepreneurs notice fake reviews when negative reviews appear on their Niue Email List profiles , which are most likely the result of unfair competition. Of course, you can report comments that are not true. However, remember that Google removes reviews if they violate the rules e g. are offensive , so the report may not always go your way.

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That’s why we recommend that you respond to all comments as soon as possible, because by the time you delete them, many of your potential customers may read them WS Database IN and decide on your business after seeing your reaction. If a false negative comment is not remove, you can inform potential customers in your reply. You can also contact Google support, who may remove the indicate reviews at your request. Learn more about removing Google reviews. Don’t wait for negative comments to appear in your Google My Business listing or any other company profile.

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