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Where the target market is located. If you’re wondering what to write to rank for a term, ask someone who is searching for that topic what they’re looking for and write it down. This has changed the way we conduct research, but I think it will be for the better. Change Reporting I’ll walk you through how I started reporting page-level changes and their performance. You should report the metrics you defined in the goal again, but you’ll need to replace the keyword-specific reports. I mean (and this is my favourite), brand vs. non-brand.

Keyword traffic and ranking reports

Report Step 1 Define All Search Landing Pages Iceland Mobile Database Technically, this should be all the pages on your site, except those that aren’t indexed, but we pretty much all know which pages get traffic from search   If you’re a large eCommerce site with thousands or millions of pages, you can group those pages or group them by page type. what works for you. Step 1: Prioritize the Top Landing Pages Remember that term you always had to report ranking for? What pages need to rank? Identify those and make a prioritized list, just like you did with keywords as the first step for this.

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Pages driving monthly traffic over the past year

It’s certainly possible to automate this, but it WS Database IN can also be done manually if you have a small number of pages. it to go up. If traffic drops to that page, it’s a sign that something has changed, whether it’s or the demand for that content. Just like with ranking drops, you investigate why after you see a drop. Step 1. Extract relevant data for each page based on your goal. For the goal we defined above, I would also report the percentage of new visitors and conversions. You can also report on bounce rate or time on page. Here are some things I recently sent to clients.

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