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Germans This year’s brand value¬† releas, nam as the most valuable German brand. With a brand value of USD 100 million, BMW even ranks No. 1 in international comparisons. In the German comparison, Deutsche Telekom ($ 100 million) and Volkswagen ($ 100 million) are next, follow by Merces-Benz ($ 100 million) and Allianz ($ 100 million). Compar with the previous year, the brand value of the company has increas, overthrowing the throne of the then national champion Deutsche Telekom. Brand Value Study The Brand Value Study has once again identifi as the world’s most valuable brands globally, and the changes in the top five from the previous year are not surprising. The Brand Equity Study once again identifi it.

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As by far the most valuable brand in the world. company Japan Phone Number List from California has increas by about 100 million US dollars compar with last year. As in the previous year, Samsung (US$ billion), Google (US$ billion), Microsoft (US$ billion) and (US$ billion) follow in second to fifth place (US$). Large tech companies lead again this year, follow by banks and telecoms. Also visit our successful brand management workshop Brand Value Study Makes LEGO the Strongest Brand In addition to the brand’s economic value, the study also collects brand strength using a specially develop index (Brand Strength Index) following Ferrari’s years in this ranking This year LEGO has risen to the top of the ranking ( points ) after a distant lead. of branding.

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Experts see The Lego Movie as a decisive WS Database IN factor in this shift. Ferrari, on the other hand, could only finish 10th (points) this year. PwC ( points), R Bull ( points),  & Company ( points) rank second to fifth. If you want to learn more about successful brand management and the secrets of building a great brand, we recommend our successful brand management seminars. Do you want to enhance your brand value? We help you! This entry was post in General, International Marketing, Brand Management, Market Research, Research as of the date. Keywords: brand, brand awareness, brand management, brand image, brand management, brand research, brand value. Similar Articles Brand Value Brand Value: Current Rankings, Definitions and Calculation Options Year.

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