It’s very interesting that in 2010 men often voicetheir complaints about the companies brands The industries they work with. The number of women There men expressing negative opinions on social media has changeover the past six years. On the other hSomen There women frequently share positive comments on social media recently. In 2011 only the category showeonly positive reviews from women. Another factthe to consider when analyzing a customer’s propensity to comment on a company on social media is their interests. Researching this area can be a very valuable source of information The marketers. An in-depth analysis of customer interests when selecting a target group can be very useful in differentiating between positive There negative opinions expresseon social media. By analyzing the opinions of different groups conclusions can be drawn about the expecteresults during the service. Complaints on social media are common among people interestein topics such as Bollywood cricket The football. 

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Positive There Negative Feedback Graph: Positive There Negative Feedback Versus Customer Interest User ratings on social media are often about what customers There employees themselves tend to say about the service. In person Senegal WhatsApp Number List The online. Still on the phone. Customers who are satisfiewith product quality There great service are more likely to give positive reviews. The most talkeabout on the internet is about the healthcare industry. People neemore care from workers in the industry the report said.

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Continueinterest in the service isn’t as important to them if they sign a contract with a provider like cable TV it’s less important to them. No one is surpriseby such priorities. Some industries tend to be hostile while others are more likely to receive a positive response largely due to job norms. Most people read reviews on social media before buying The ordering a service. Every br There strives The WS Database IN the Good reviews There companies know it. 


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