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But They Also Sent in Suggestions Themselves. ? Sample Community, a Revolution if You Want to Test Your Product and Sure of Consumer Response, the Sample Platform is Your St Choice. Such Platforms Have Experienc Tremendous Growth in Recent Years. Their Operation is Very Simple: Users Register and Sign Up for Events Sponsor by the Brand.

Companies Can Choose the Types

Of Users They Want to Engage and Send You Product Samples to Try Out. A Condition of Participat in Such Communities is That You Provide UAE Phone Number List Feback Privately or Publicly via Social Networks. If You Are Not Aware of Such Platforms, We Invite You to Take a Look, They Will Surely Suit Your Collaborative Market Plan. Sample Community? Doritos Has Ruin the Year of Flavor for Consumers, With the Doritos Snack Brand Launch a Collaborative Market.

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Campaign So Consumers Themselves

Can Decide Which Flavors Should Disappear, and How. The Competition Includ Participants Hav to Submit a Proposal in Which They Afghanistan Mobile Numbers List Would Tell How to End Doritos and Do It in. The Person. Select by the Jury Will Shot and the. Winner Will Receive the Profits. If We Analyze This Market Strategy, We See How the Brand.

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