If you are considering purchasing a second-hand domain, remember to carefully analyze what has happened to it over the years. You need to check, among other things, its age, history, linking, and possible hacker attacks.

The History of the Internet Domain. Is Important Both in the Context. Of Building Visibility in the Search Engine and in the Context. Of the Brand Image. See How to Check. It Using Free Tools.

The Visibility of a Website in the Google Search Engine. Is Influenced by, Among Others: Such Aspects as: Technical Optimization, Relevance. To the User’s Query, Linking, and Domain History.

What is the purpose of checking domain history

Older websites that have been online for a long time have a greater chance of achieving a good position than “fresh” websites. This is because Google Whatsapp Number List  needs to form an opinion about a given domain and check whether it is trustworthy.

However, apart from age, what has happened to the website/domain since it was created is also of great importance. If it has a bad reputation, e.g. it was fined by.

Google in the past for using unfair techniques, building its visibility will be much more difficult, and sometimes even impossible. Therefore, before purchasing a domain, you need to carefully analyze its history.

The Visibility of a Website in the Google Search

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But that’s not all. What has happened to the domain over the years will also affect your reputation. For example, if a second-hand domain was WS Database IN previously used to conduct illegal activities or an unreliable online store, it is very likely that there will be negative opinions about it on the Internet.

Some people may also associate such a domain with a previous company. All of this will certainly negatively impact your brand’s reputation and may prevent you from growing your business.

So if you want to avoid an unpleasant surprise, carefully check the previous content and history of the domain before purchasing.

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