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What salary can you expect. The salary of a tester in the We Also Noticed That regions ranges from to thousand rubles, and in Moscow thousand. One source Beginners can count on a salary of thousand rubles, high level specialists receive thousand. One source Where to learn software testing The answer to this question is quite simple. If you have no programming experience and want to quickly get starte as an inexperience tester, then. look into crowd testing platforms. What is this? More on this below.

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On these same platforms, quite detaile training usually takes place. And even test events. After completing this training and successfully Costa Rica B2B List completing the test task, you will already understand who does it and how. The only thing is that such training often takes place in English. But simple enough. But you know English, yes… If you want to work in QA as an engineer, then you cannot do without good courses. I will not advertise these or those courses now.

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Many of them. Keep in mind that these courses tend to be quite expensive. And they last for several months. QA Engineer Here you will be taught all the WS Database IN subtleties of the test. And most likely at the same time the basics of different programming languages. Unfortunately, I didn’t find a CQA or a software tester. Well, another option to train a tester if you have no experience is to find a job as a quality control engineer in any company. And there, in the process of work, you will learn everything. Well, you will be opene too. Not without it.

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