We can’t force customers to switch to domestic

We can’t force At the strategic level, companies should consider import substitution. Trust in the security of the information used becomes an important factor.  software, but we say that building an information security development strategy on imported solutions is not very far-sighted today. Also, in 2019, it’s because of our provider infrastructure, who haven’t bothered to tune their solutions for high loads. Today, developers are fundamentally changing their product concepts and shelves.

Structuring method from key customers

Get feedback here and quickly improve their solutions Macedonia Mobile Database based on current needs. In any case, the more players there are in the market, the more competition there will be. For example, in Israel, home to many startups, cybersecurity  solutions than we do, yet no one talks about their low quality. We already have competitive solutions, including young companies. Large customers adopt advanced software despite their experience in operating it. Russia lags behind in some ways. from this.

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Perspective for the new generation

The year will be particularly interesting for the WS Database IN niche market of firewalls (networking elements that filter traffic according to specified security rules and have many additional functions. Trend). Traditionally, large customers spend a lot of money on such solutions because it is an important part of the infrastructure. I think we’ll soon see at least a dozen vendors vying for leadership in this niche. It can be said that today’s Russia does not have its own alternatives or no alternatives in certain areas of information security.

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