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What does the It is practically impossible to do so. During such experiments, it turns out that a person responds to setbacks in different ways. they didn’t manage to work it out well, well, I’ll do something else, Yassin explain.  How a person reacts to a frustrating situation determines how the frustration usually affects his quality of life. How intense our experiences will be, how long we can feel them, and how quickly we can deal with it depends on many factors: on the intensity of the desire and the importance of the goal, on the expectation and prictability of the outcome, said Makarova.

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But the greatest impact is how a person handles Peru Mobile Database situations of resentment and rejection in early childhood. We’re talking about the first few years of a child’s life,  world creates things that help us deal with what we call frustration later in life, experts say. Frustration and Aggression Under normal circumstances, frustration gives our lives the momentum necessary to achieve desir goals. But if time passes and the goal remains distant, frustration can lead to negative states: exhaustion, depression, increas aggression.

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According to Vladimir Shlyapnikov, in such a situation WS Database IN a person will direct his aggression at those who are not frustrat, but just fall under the arm. Parents often lash out at their children because they are dissatisfi with life. of non-constructive behavior when they ne to solve a puzzle. They start offending a weaker classmate or being rude to an animal, experts point out. According to him, sometimes frustration leads a person to attack himself. In a state of self-aggression, he risks his life, with no regard for health and consequences, and his behavior becomes self-destructive.

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