It is manifest in the form of drowsiness and pain. So some doctors think: To find out which diseases a person is prone to suffer from, you can look at his performance when he is weak. For example, if a patient has latent epilepsy, it may not manifest well. But when he’s tir (not sleeping or drinking heavily) he’ll have days of weakness. If he experiences a feeling of at the same time, then he is overactively impair. That is, when overwork, it seems.

The feeling of acquaintance comes out more often

Now in those who are more likely to get sick. ¬†is a symptom Italy Mobile Database of the disorder In 2010 work Pavel Vlasov, MD, and Alexander Chervyakov, an MD student, compar healthy people with people with representations of people with epilepsy and brain masses¬† were compar. During the study, the subjects’ brain activity was also monitor. From this, the scientists came to the following conclusion: In healthy subjects, a sense.

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Sleep usually occurs several times a year

Can last up to several seconds and occur during periods WS Database IN of psychoemotional stress and fatigue; in epilepsy patients, can occur alone or during seizures; with regard to the volumetric structure of the brain, most often occurs in tumors Mium, several times a day, lasting longer than a minute. May occur alone or as part of a seizure. This is accompani by negative emotions and fear of their occurrence. Bas on the study, the scientists identifi two types.

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